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Kyra ten Brink (b. 2002) is a Rotterdam based artist working around intimacy, connections and vulnerability.
Every project she works on is born from an emotional experience, a journey of self-discovery translated into visual stories. Her process starts with intimate moments shared with the people around her, where genuine connections and emotions flow both ways through conversation. The observations and insights she gets in these moments become the inspiration for her delicate and poetic imagery.


At the heart of Kyra's work is the mission to find a common ground for feelings, emotions, and experiences that might initially feel isolating. Her visual journey unfolds the truth that these shared emotions weave the threads of our lives together. According to Kyra, feeling is the thing that connects us all.

Her work is an invitation to an exploration of self-discovery, diving into the depths of your consciousness. Her photos touch on themes like escapism, melancholy, growth, and healing, encouraging you to reflect on your own inner world. Each photo captures the essence of our interconnectedness, portraying feelings as a universal language that bridges the gaps between us all.




2022 Group exhibition Collective Subconscious at Kampung 35, Rotterdam, NL

2023 Duo exhibition at Time is the new Space, Rotterdam, NL

2024 Haute Photographie Rotterdam

Selected publications

2023 Pearl Press, ISSUE NO. 17: NOTES

2023 GUP Fresh Eyes

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